In 1986 Adrian travelled to Germany and spent 3 years working for Nixdorf Computer as a programmer. From there he moved to Buckinghamshire in England to work for Saab Great Britain where his responsibilities changed from programming to client management.  In 1994 EDS (Electronic Data Systems) who were owned by GM (General Motors) took over the IT department within Saab and took Adrian with them.  

In 1995 he moved back to Ireland with EDS and became the Account Manager for Opel Ireland.  In 2000 Adrian managed the service delivery of IT within FLS Aerospace at Dublin airport followed as the Client Delivery manager for SR Technics at Dublin and Stansted airports.   In 2007 Adrian took leave of absence from his 21 year career within the IT sector to take on a 2 year National Higher Diploma in Garden Design.  

In 2010 he started up his company Living Designs Landscapes.  In 2013 Adrian along with two other friends successfully designed and built a show garden in Ireland's Bloom Festival, which was awarded a Silver Gilt medal.  Through his garden and landscape works on commercial sites he has seen the dangers and sadness of life on the street of Dublin.  Adrian believes that if many people help and volunteer the seeds of change can blossom and grow.